I’ve named myself Kai Amal.

These words have many different meanings in many different languages, but I look beyond. I look into the sound of the name, into its spirit.

For me, Kai means peace and serenity. Flowing, like a river. When I think of it, when I say it inside my mind, I feel the flame in my heart growing stronger. It is a name of love.

Amal looks like hope and trust and empathy. Like it can be good again. Like a smile and the forest in its greenest. Fresh but very old.

Names have strength. They are more than random codes in our ID. Names define us. This is how I choose to define myself.


I’m 17 year old, but I’ve never felt defined by my age.

I’m vegan, because I don’t believe in stealing souls.

I live in Israel, but I don’t believe any of us own any land. The earth is not ours to “dibs”.

I’m an assertive INFP, but I feel like only a few selected ones would truly know that. Know me.

I love the spring, when the world is blossoming, and everything is reborn.

I’m at that stage of discovery, where I am learning to know, accept, and love myself, and spread love and compassion to the world. I want to learn different languages and travel the world and raise a family outside of this system. I love reading and writing, singing (though I have a terrible voice) and drawing and doing yoga, and I really like psychology and spirituality.

Sometimes I take life too seriously. I am so focused at the destination that I frequently forget to take a break and enjoy the view. Maybe it’s a result of that intense pressure our world apply on teenagers. You have to go to the army (in Israel), you have to work, you have to go to school and get good grades to go to university and you must save money!

Well, guess what –

I still have my entire life ahead of me! So I’m going to walk slowly, enjoy the view, and take as many breaks as I feel like taking. That’s right. I’m retiring from this stupid game. I am living on my own terms.


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