תמונה קשורה

In my garden, there is a single rose.

Rising up from the land of broken dreams and lost hopes

A blink of a memory

A shadow of a doubt

Piercing through the prison of fog.

Through thunder storms and sunny days

It stands teasingly, still.

“What are you waiting for?” I am enraged


It wouldn’t take no for an answer, it wouldn’t accept harvest

It would just wear its teasing smile and defy against the world.

Nothing should grow in this piece of scorched earth

But alas, I’m alive.

Looking for someone I know is not there,

Letting the fog deflect my mind of the pain

I look onto the wonder in my garden with madness in my heart

The door has been opened, and the fog is running away,

Ignoring my desperate cries

“Come back!”


For me, the rose is the promise of life, my deepest wish which I have yet to discover, and the need to explore and find it. I would love to hear what it is for you.


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