Do you know these people who seem to just rediate pure energy? That just being around them makes you so incredibly happy? That when you look at them, the world stops and everything you see, everything you have ever seen and ever known, is their smile? No? I didn’t, too. Until I’ve met Lucy.

Lucy. Like the sound of leaves softly meeting the earth and the birs whose wing touches the waters, and sunlight and everything that is good in the world.

Like the first breath of spring and the forest after the rain and a passionate kiss and magic.

Like the whisper of fire and a lightning and danger.

Lucy. Walking through the meadow and the the flowers rise up to kiss your face, waking up at your breath, blossoming under your gentle touch, and you smile and I feel special, for I have witnessed your smile, even though it is not meant for me.

Lucy. Spreading your wings, as if to fly away from this world, and I believe you would, for you don’t belong here.

Lucy. Lying on the soft grass, and the clouds fade away, making way for the sun to greet you.

Lucy. Time goes by but you remain, eternal in your golden flame. A tree now stands where you once laid, and under its haven everything else will fade.

tree of life


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