תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪howl's moving castle valley‬‏
from howl’s moving castle

Wipe away your tears, my girl,

Tomorrow is a better day.

Just lay down here and close your eyes

And everything will be okay.

Today may not have gone as planned

But tomorrow, you will find your way

Just listen to my voice, my darling,

Let it be your silent pray.

You might be far away from home

But you’ll be back for Saturday

I know you’re tired, but look ahead!

We’re almost there so don’t you stray.

There’s nothing that you cannot handle,

So know your path and don’t walk astray,

All you need is to have a little faith

That you can do whatever you convey.

You are not alone, my love

I will never run away

And maybe I could make you happy

If you’d only let me stay.



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