תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪abandoned teddy bear‬‏

You were my soft spot

Crawled under my skin unannounced

Changed me without so much as a heads up.

You’ve created a new and improved version of me


Made me grow up and open my eyes to a brave new world

You’ve made me bolder, stronger

You’ve led me right here, to this moment

And for that I’ll forever be in your debt.

But you’ve also torn me to shreds.

Stretched and pulled and twisted

Squeezed out every drop that was left of me

Taken away

Piece by piece,


Until there was nothing left

But your creation –

New and improved.

And then, when there was no more to be done

When you’ve gotten to know every part of your new creation

When it was finished

You’ve left.

You were my best friend

But my worst enemy, too.

A skilled thief.

I could never hate you

But I hope you could understand me when I say

Sometimes I wish I could forget you.



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