There’s a little sparrow on my tree, looking at the world below

Lifting its head towards the sun, it spreads its wings, prepares to go

The tree stands lonely, so it seems, no one’s there to prevent the fall

So I run outside, my palms open wide, trying to withhold the blow.


But the sparrow never lands in my hands, it shoots back like a cannonball

It’s so tiny and has no guidance, and the tree so mighty and so tall

The world is a dangerous place, and the treetop is now the only sanctuary

So the little sparrow stays up there, waiting for help in its way to stroll.


Sometimes I hear its desperate cries, at nights it gets a little scary

When no one is watching it spreads its wings, but alas, it’s still a little wary

It doesn’t know there’s someone out there, watching its every motion

For as much as it knows, it’s alone in the world, it has no godmother fairy.


As the days pass by, it seems like the little sparrow will never cross the ocean

It keeps on trying, though at night it’s still crying, it just doesn’t get the notion

Until one day I wake up to the sweetest song in the world, a song of glee

My sparrow stands erect on the tree, spreading its wings wide with devotion.


As it takes a leap of faith off its safe haven, in my heart I plea

For my tiny little sparrow to find its way into the bright blue sky, for my sparrow to flee

It’s probably a little selfish but I almost don’t want him to be leaving

But the thought fades as he expands, ascends up high, finally free.


I’ve never heard a voice as pure as my sparrow’s singing

Sometimes I dream about it, in my dark moments to its song I’m clinging

But it was time for it to go and explore, find its place, and for me to start believing

When the wind rises it is time for us to start living.



תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth‬‏

I’ve always thought that if I’d been any animal in my past life I would have been a bird. I’m just attracted to them, for some reason. They are alone in the sky, traveling with no pupose, seeing everything there is to see from up above.

Fun fact – in Hebrew, the word sparrow also means freedom (Dror).

I’d love to hear your opinion, and also, if you’d like, which animal you think you would have been in your past life.

Thank you for reading.


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