I’m swimming in darkness, navigating my way to nowhere. I feel water pressing against my skin, shrouding my shoulders, covering everything.

How can I get out when I feel nothing?

I can’t breathe, and Soon, I’ll drown.

In my despair I call for you. Stupid, hopeless case.

Please, I beg, I need you.

I’ve never asked you for a damn thing, but I’m asking you now.

Though of course, you would have been here had you wanted to.

I look around with misery, but there’s nothing here to see. Nothing here to set me free. As my breath grows shorter, as the cold water reach my chin, I realize, it was probably never meant to be. You were just not meant for me, and the hole in my heart was never meant to be refilled.

And I’m going to drown here, scared and alone, and the void inside would fill with water, and there will never be me again.

I’ve lost control over everything, my life, my body, my mind. They don’t belong to me anymore. They have died long ago. Only one thing was left in my possession, and now, it slips away.

Sinners don’t get a happy ending. I will die here, slowly, in agony, for I’ve coveted something that was out of my reach, not for me to possess.

Please, bring me back. Please. I’ll take anything.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪drowning dark‬‏


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