I’ve posted this poem a while ago, incomplete (the before). This is the after.

תמונה קשורה

There was this girl I used to know

With hair dark as night and skin white as snow

A perky, jovial, playful storm

But of an innocent, harmless, simple form.


It was sometimes quite annoying

How she would never be still

How every hiss of silence with her voice she’d refill

How trouble and misfortune

On her never laid a hand

How it seemed like she got lost

On her way to Neverland.


But something there was in her eyes

Something I couldn’t quite tell

Something that stood in contrast to her

Dim but fierce as well.


I knew I did not like her but still

The mystery of her eyes I had to reveal

Or was it something else

I wasn’t quite sure

Perhaps a glass slipper that was left at my door.

Every time I tried to make conversation

She’d burst into laugh without paying attention

She was kind of awkward and it was kind of funny

How every time I approached she’d turn into a bigger dummy


But still

Every time I encountered  that shadow of her

That something in her eyes grew stronger and sronger.

And my curiosity had spread its wings

And it was out of my reach to



Sometimes I wondered

How could I hate every sound she plundered

And yet couldn’t wait to see her again?

How couldn’t I look every time she blundered

But still, be worried about her?

It was as if I had two selves

I was going mad.


And we kept patrolling each other’s air

Kept looking for something we couldn’t declare

With every word, our noses grew longer

Until one day, I reached my limit, I couldn’t bear

I screamed and I yelled and she ran away

And of course I followed her down the rabbit hole


She was weeping in a corner

Her head between her knees.

‘Go away’, she whispered,

And I’ve never heard her voice so shivering

So genuine.

This was my chance.

I carefully picked a rose from the bush beside me

And as I approached a wail came out of her

I might have started crying myself.

Suddenly, as she raised her head,

All the petals flew away


And between the wails and hiccups

We smiled at each other.

She was finally safe.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪fairytale‬‏


2 thoughts on “A TALE OF A NAMELESS GIRL

    1. Quite a reading. When I was writing this, I thought of my first (and unfulfilled) love, how things could have been differnet, and of how I wanted to feel that intensity again. Glad you could see that.


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