תמונה קשורה

A long time ago, a gift was givven to us.

Beautifully wrapped it was, but when opened,

Nothing could compare to its beauty.

But as we studied it with our intrusive eyes

As we’ve turned it around, looking for patterns

We’ve learned there were more to this gift then apparent to the eye

And our insolent selves began to uncover its layers, its secrets

One by one

As if it were some divine feast, dish by dish we’ve devoured

Piece by piece, teared it apart

Burned, stripped, shot, eradicated

We left it

Weeping in agony

We raped it

And now,

Now we ask for more.

Now we cry for the destruction of our gift

Yet we keep on looking, undressing

Seems like we can’t stop, obsessed.

Those hypocrites.

And the most heart-breaking

We will just steal another gift to destroy.

It’s just a matter of time.

We will leave this damaged place

Without a goodbye,

Without so much as paying our respects.

We will leave the destruction, the damage

We’ve caused


For someone else to fix.

It’s not our problem anymore.

How can you look your children in the eye?

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪destructed world‬‏


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