תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪fairytale vintage love‬‏

There was this girl I used to know

With hair dark as night and skin white as snow

A perky, jovial, playful storm

But of an innocent, harmless, simple form.

It was sometimes quite annoying

How she would never be still

How every hiss of silence with her voice she’d refill

How trouble and misfortune

On her never laid a hand

How it seemed like she got lost

On her way to Neverland.

But something there was in her eyes

Something I couldn’t quite tell

Something that stood in contrast to her

Dim but fierce as well.

I knew I did not like her but still

The mystery of her eyes I had to reveal

Or was it something else

I wasn’t quite sure

Perhaps a glass slipper that was left at my door.

Every time I tried to make conversation

She’d burst into laugh without paying attention

She was kind of awkward and it was kind of funny

How every time I approached she’d turn into a bigger dummy

But still

That something in her eyes grew stronger and stronger

And suddenly,

I could feel her struggling inside

Underneath her shallow act

Something was fighting to burst out

And I still couldn’t figure out the magic in her eyes

What was lurking behind the mask and the lies?

What was it she was so desperate to hide?

I wanted to get to her and I knew it was insane

But I had a sense this feeling would not come again

And I was there

And one day, she just stopped.

She stopped laughing after every word I said.

She stopped exhibiting her straight set of teeth to the world.

She stopped moving hyperactively.

She just stopped.

And when I looked into her eyes I could see her clearly

I could see her weakness

She unlocked the door. She opened it

To let me in.

And I looked into her eyes and her words were all over.

Once she was not the same

She used to be that girl

That no one knew her name

The girl who used to sit alone and read a book at break

While everyone stared and laughed until their muscles ached

The girl that wore weird clothes and said weird things.

The girl that would do anything the cool kids said

Only to be let in.

And our tears tied together

Into something beautiful

Because none of us were going anywhere.

We were safe.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪fairytale‬‏


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