תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪SCHOOL FACTORY‬‏

Schools are meant to enable students to blend in the society by gaining education and profession. I find it a pretty description for the institutions in which we are being trimmed and pasted, mended, so we could join our monotonous society.

We are being taught the subject the government, society, finds important, and we are motivated by grades, recognition. We are taught the “right” way to act, to think, to speak. And we never stop to think why. Why do we learn all of this? Why is this important? Why is this right?

I used to love to go to school. It gave purpose to my meaningless life. Until I realized that it wasn’t the learning that I liked, it was the recognition I got for my accomplishments. And there is something fundamentally wrong with that. Because being motivated by the recognition of others is going to get you nothing but sorrow, and this is what school uses to motivate you.

And once I’ve set my ego free, I realized that I don’t learn almost anything that truly interests me. That mostly, I’m being taught to memorize and not to think. That I don’t want any of this.

And these grades that we are taught to stress over from such a young age, theses grades that are attempting to summarize us, they mostly mean nothing about me but my ability to memorize. And even when they do, it doesn’t give these numbers the essence of me. They don’t truly reflect me and my abilities and yet they get so much power over my life.

I feel like school suppresses me. Like I want to grow my wings and fly, but they keep trimming them, forcing me to be a part of this system, a part of this society that I didn’t choose. I feel like what they consider important is not what I consider important. I feel like every minute I spend in class is a waste of my time, because it prevents me from doing what I truly love.

In a perfect world, we would be educated spiritually and unbiasedly. We would be motivated by love, and not by our ego. In a perfect world we would be allowed to be happy and do what we love, and not what is good for society. In a perfect world we wouldn’t be judged by simple numbers.

But that’s just my perfect world. I would be happy to hear about yours.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪THE WALL‬‏



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