When I think of 2016 the first thing that comes to mind is boredom. It was a year of routine. I woke up every morning, I went to school, I met the same people and I came back home. And my social life outside of school were pretty much nonexistent. Outwardly, it sounds very much boring.

But this year, for me, was also a year of personal development. The silence of my external world got me to look for change, inwardly. I started to explore. Back at the time I had some sort of extensive exercise disorder. I might write about it sometimes. Anyway, when I got out of it I began to explore eating disorders and extensive exercising, I think it was in order to understand what had happened to me, although it was really minor and lasted approximately 2 months. And I got to these YouTube videos of people telling their stories, and it was hard.
That’s where I first encountered veganism. One girl was talking about how veganism had saved her and got me to really think about it. I started to dig into veganism and was amazed by the new world that was revealed to me. A world where the pain caused to every living being, to the environment, to your own body, is minimalized. I fell in love, immediately.
From there began a period of exploration, into veganism, into spirituality, into this world.

And now we get to the lessons I’ve earned during this past year:

  • In order to move on, you have to let go of the things that are holding you back.
  • Don’t think about the future too much, don’t make too many plans for the future, because we change all the time and what we want today may not be what we would desire tomorrow or in a year.
  • Try to make the best out of every situation because there is no point in wallowing in depression.
  • Follow your heart, your feelings, and don’t restrain.
  • Do what you love and the right people will find you, don’t act as expected of you by society, in order to please anyone. The only thing that such a behavior is going to get you is misery.
  • Don’t judge anyone by their sex, religion, or (what we call) race, you can miss out on great wonderful people because of prejudice.
  • Respect each and every opinion, because who knows, one day you might be the one fighting for it.
  • Remember that humans are social creatures, so whatever it is, you can’t, you don’t have to, do it alone.
  • What you think matters. Your feelings matter. You matter.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others, everyone has his/her standards and everyone work hard to accomplish them. Nothing comes easily. Keep that in mind the next time you feel jealous of anyone.
  • It’s never too late.
  • Explore and follow your interests.
  • Rest.
  • Love yourself and spread love!

18 year old me,

This is a list of lessons that are meant to remind you of me, remind you of the way, just in case you got lost.
I hope that you have found where to channel all the power, the love that is in your heart.
Travel as much as you can. You have a license, you have some cash, and you don’t need anyone’s approval anymore.
I can’t even imagine where you’re at right now, but wherever you are, I hope it’s somewhere good. I hope you’ve evolved.
Don’t ever hate me. Embrace me. I’m a part of the evolution of the wonderful creature that is you.
No matter how rough this past year was, how boring, or thrilling, or sad, I hoped you learnt from it. That what’s matters. Every moment matters.
If you follow your heart you would leave this world with minimum regrets.

Hi guys. So I wrote this post mostly for me, as a letter for the next year me, but I thought it would be nice to share with you, especially as a first post, for you to get to know me. I know it was a lot to read, so I’m really glad if you made it through. I hope it helped whoever read it in a way.

Peace & Love to you all.



  1. I felt the same way! I thought 2016 was stagnant like I was on pause. This year however, I have found ten motivation that I was lacking last year! Thank you so much for these tips, they definitely are coming in handy! I love your blog and can’t wait to read more from you. I would love if you’d check out my blog, thank you!


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